Our Green Side

Here at Fat Dog we try to be as green as we can be, it isent always easy or cost effective but we do every little thing we can doing things like:

  • Our in-store bubble wrap is all recyclable.
  • When posting items out we use recycled boxes and reused packing material like bubble wrap and shredded boxes.
  • Our on site rubbish is all recycled as is any additional boxes we receive shipments in.
  • Coffee grounds from coffee sold on site are composted
  • The bags we use in store are either biodegradable (for the smaller bags) or made from 90% recycled plastic (for the bags for life)
  • Swapping from single use plastic on items where possible, a good example of this is the sage smudge sticks we sell, they used to come from a supplier in single use plastic bags. We now get them directly from a sage farmer and they are delivered loose in a box, we then add a small recycled paper wrap explaining what they are sealed with plant based Sellotape.